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Story, Play, and Steam: Thermoludic Narratology in Video Game Studies (2011)

RhetWars [Re-Skin of “Bone Wars” by Zygote Studios] for ETT590 (2011)
A Tale of Two Rat-Men: Game Character Backstories as Anamnetic Narratives
Forbidden Story: Narratological Analysis of Forbidden Siren for the PlayStation 2 Console.
Guest Lectures
Material/Hobby Gaming
Narratology of Games
A Genre of Rolls: The Problem of Genre in the Other Gaming Industry
Behind Every Great Gamer: Performing Heteronormativity in ‘League of Legends’
Is Our Learners Gaming? Student-Created Games in the ENG101 Classroom
Labyrinths and Lecturers: Material Gaming
World of WarComp: Towards a Massively Multiplayer Offline Composition Class